Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How It Goes.....

I'm currently up in Dallas with Michele - traditionally the spring break "destination vacation" that I take for the first half of the week.

This is a sample of our daily routine:

8:30 Drop of girls at Sports Camp
8:45 Eat breakfast, check computer, devotional, dink around
10:00 Work out at Michele's "Anytime Fitness" - (new machines...I'm sore)
12:00 Pick up girls, return to house
12:15 Make lunch
1:00 Take shower or bath, sit in Michele's bed and watch DVR'd shows while reading books or magazines, inevitably take a nap, eat, solve occasional childrens' arguments or dilemmas, repeat........until bedtime

So, if you've been wondering why I haven't added a new post, it's because I've just been SO BUSY!! (Nah, I've just been so boring!)

Part of me feels guilty for being so generally lazy, but then again, if I was legitimately at a vacation location, that's what I would expect to be doing.

Tomorrow, we return home to my house - with Michele and the kiddos - and we basically repeat the schedule there (minus the Sports Camp). However, given it's my house, I imagine I'll feel the need to be much more productive with my time- as it's much harder to feel okay about being lazy in my own house.

I hope that you are having a great week - no matter where you are at!


Anonymous said...

Take advantage!!! Being away from home is lovely...and you don't feel so obligated to do so much like you said! Enjoy your break!!! Sounds delightful...especially the nap part!

cjoy said...

Sounds lovely!

j.nelson said...

:) be lazy... it's about time