Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

First of all, before we get to "Mom" - I wanted to point out what the kids have been choosing to do while at my house during the second half of spring break. What's that? Labeled "school desks"? Homework folders? Assignment sheets? Yup, apparently the kids couldn't wait to get to spring break so that they could start pretending to play school.........weirdies! (Actually, there is NO question where they get this - Michele and I may have have actually been even worse at their age!)

This picture was taken yesterday morning. We had Mom over for a birthday breakfast - we made her some kick-butt dutch babies - which everyone enjoyed. Before she left, she got a "Grandkids Uber-hug".

As for these pictures - they were taken this morning. Mom chose to spend her birthday "day" at a horse clinic. Fortunately, it was an indoor arena, as it was POURING down rain today. Mom gave us a hint about what time she was riding, so we surprised her by showing up with John's camera and watched her "do her thing".

Mom rides dressage - for those that aren't familiar with the term, it's kind of like an orchestrated ballet between horse and rider. The moves are very precise and beautiful - and Mom has really risen up the ranks with her talent.

The horse she is riding is named "Merlin". He is big and beautiful, and I so wish he was actually my mom's horse - as the two have quite a bit of chemistry together. However, he is owned by someone else, but thankfully that "someone else" happily lets Mom ride him weekly.

This first picture shows what I believe is called a "half pass". The horse is facing forward, as is the rider, but is moving diagonally by crossing his legs over each other. It's very impressive, and Mom and Merlin made it look beautiful. The other pictures are just ones that I enjoyed, particularly the ones with Mom beaming as she is so happy doing what she loves!

Mom - I've got about 150 more pictures to go with these, I'll get you a disk the next time I see you. So proud of you - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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sara said...

that horse is beautiful!! Happy Birthday to your mom!!!