Friday, March 19, 2010

Second Grade Field Trip

Yesterday, I went with the second graders to the local "Science Factory" to check out exhibits about the human body and take part in a "germ lab". It was actually more enlightening than I anticipated (my enthusiasm level for this field trip wasn't very high).

Because there was a huge number of parent volunteers - I only had three in my group. That didn't stop me from losing track of one of the kiddos (the one on the left). I felt like a loser when one of the other parents alerted me he had sneaked into the other section of the building..... The one in the middle of this picture is Cade. We found out recently that he is in Mikayla's Sunday school class at church. This has prompted me to do a little teasing/"setting up" between him and Mikayla. Cade is a lot of fun - even Brayden thinks so, as he's taken to befriending the second grader and high-fiving him after school. Mikayla was faking the scowl....

There's that smile (complete with new "Easter" colors of rubber brands on her braces):

This is the kids' teacher, Mrs. Corbeau - really a great teacher!

Here Jake is demonstrating how long you are supposed to wash your hands with one of the experiments:

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