Thursday, March 04, 2010

Reality Check

On Sunday night, I set to work to redo-ing our calendar white-boards. I do two at a time, and you can't imagine my delight to get out of January/February as those are my two LEAST-LIKED months of the year.

This time I cheated a bit so I could fit the first week of May into the picture.....and there you go, reality really is that close before we embark upon the vacation that has been planned for so long.

That also means that it's that much closer to the date when I wanted to see "a whole different set of numbers" on the scales (if this and the 20 year reunion we have in July aren't motivation, I don't know what is!) - and there is still many things I'd hoped to have done/organized before we go.

We are down to the two-month spread of waiting.........I'm so excited!


cjoy said...

Oooh...what will you be doing in Orlando? Disney? Other stuff? I may have heard already but can't remember.

I like the idea of a two month calendar up like that...I'm going to have to give that some serious thought!

sara said...

I love looking forward to a vacation!!! my whole family is getting together in June for a cruise and I can't wait...think we could squeeze june on the board?! ;)

stephietoo said...

It is so real to see ORLANDO on your calendar. I can't wait. We need to get to planning some more. :o) EXCITING!!!!!!