Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bleacher Butt

That's what I call sitting on three different bleachers for three different events for 6 hours today!

The "rear end fun" began at Hamlin Middle School where Brayden's basketball team won another game and Brayden contributed another swisher. =)

I left ten minutes before that game concluded to catch Ali's cheerleading competition, about 4 blocks away, at Springfield High School. Her team performed within about 20 minutes of my arrival, so I was super glad I got there when I did.

After some quick pictures with the cousins, Mikayla and I took off for our third event of the day. We joined Mom at the Thurston Dance Competition. As both Mom and I are alumni of the Thurston dance team, we thought it would be worth attending. We made it to this last year, but went to the earlier performance, hence missing the co-ed exhibition performance from the Cabaret team, the alumni dance, and the advanced drill-off- all high points in tonight's event. In addition, members of the UO Dance team also did an, they can move. (By the way, Michele - that last picture is of the Dallas dance team - that did a really sweet little Aladdin performance - I can just see Ellie and Nati out there in way too short of time......)

All in all, a great day. But I gotta say, I'm happy to finally be sitting on a comfy couch vs. a plastic bleacher........


j.nelson said...

Oh ... shoots .. looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the couch - but looks like a fun day anyway. :-)