Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Weekend, I'm a Fan of.....

- a gorgeous blue-sky, sunny day in the middle of January
- friends willing to take our kids giving us a great Saturday date-day
- "carnita" tacos from Mucho Gusto
- 75% off clearance sales from Macy's
- hilarious birthday cards
- Wii Carnival Games
- Red Robin birthday dinners
- hitting a strike bowling (though it was a terrible game for me.....)
- Bello's couples massage =)
- "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" (the third sequel comes out in July!)
- watching an honor student high school senior from Colorado realize she is Olympics-bound in figure skating.....
- Brayden scoring 8 more points in Saturday's basketball game... I really hate to admit this, but we are all super surprised by his talent this year!


sara said...

sounds like a great week and weekend!!!

I still have that massage on my mind!

Stephietoo said...

I was going to hit the 'like' button, but then realized that this isn't facebook.....

Loved watching Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers with you yesterday; and we can't wait to go see the third one with you guys in July!

Brayden played AWESOME yesterday. I am so proud of that guy!

j.nelson said...

stephietoo.. bah hah.. that made me literally LOL..(the like button)

:) the list of likes.. i like. especially hoping our card made the funny list.. (at least in my mind it did)