Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Stolen Blog Post by Julie

"You're Eight, Will You Be My Date?"

Mikayla turned eight during our Christmas vacation, so being able to treat her to a Birthday night was obviously in order. Kaela and I had plotted this night out on the town with Mikayla for a few weeks. We finally tracked down a night that would work for us both as well as Mikayla. It was a great night. We picked up my little Koala bear around 4. Well really Kaela and I hung out with the family for a good while before we left finally after 4. Kaela and I may or may not just totally have adopted this family - whether they like it or not. We snagged up our little girl and headed off to the theater. We decided upon "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" and dinner of her choice. It was so fun just having us three. From the car ride to just sitting silent watching the movie, it was all good.

Mikayla was adorable, in a total let me hold your hand mode. Kaela and I were cracking up the whole night, she is a great comic relief to have around. It's just fun to be with Kaela taking Mikayla out on her birthday date, she is like a little sis/daughter to us both. The movie was entertaining. I think Mikayla enjoyed it as well - to which was the purpose so that's good. It was a toss up between that and the "Princess and The Frog". Not sure which is better (haven't seen the other) but I was glad with our choice. Even though it was hard for Kaela and I not to just happen to walk int the wrong theater.. oh .. "Leap Year"? what? After the movie and Mikayla not sharing her very good looking candies (tee hee), it was off to dinner. We told her she could choose and when her choices were Dairy Queen or PF Changs we had to do some suggestive dinner date places. From those - to which only DQ was erased from, she chose BJ's.

I had never been there so I was game. Dinner was fun, I sorta felt like I had a daughter when I ordered her meal, she asked me to cut her pizza for her and then our fun adventure to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure the waiter that we had did too. He was looking at me odd, it cracked me up. Kaela and I were having a blast. Oh kawa wee. On our way out we saw our celeb for the night, LaMicheal James. WOOP WOOP! Then from dinner it was back to the Riley's. I always get sucked in at that house and I love it. Kaela and I were there until 11:00 and then decided they had enough of us and we best go. Tonight we revealed the "appreciation date". I can't wait. Tuesday night @ 5:30!!!!


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