Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party On!

Talk about throwing something together at the last minute.....

We have made a point of trying to let Mikayla celebrate with her school friends at some point in January, given she has a birthday so close to Christmas. When we started to figure out that this last Sunday Michele's family would be down because Travis got all five of the boys/guys tickets for the basketball Civil War game, we thought Sunday would be the ideal day for a party. The fact that the Gymnastics NW location where Mikayla wanted to have it was available during this time was a major blessing.

So, we mailed and emailed out some invites, baked some pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and picked up some stuffed animal "Lil'Kinz" for party favors - and there you go. The least amount of pre-planning yet for one of the kiddo's parties.

The beauty of this party was that the majority of it was run by one of the coaches at the gymnastics center. He had them running an obstacle course, doing some super-fun parachute games, and then ended the group activities with putting Mikayla in a harness and letting her get shot across the room - up high, whizzing forward - crazy fun.

She has such sweet little friends....and Sunday night was a great testimony of the fun they all have together.

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