Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Obviously, yesterday's blog post was very vague. I hope I followed up with anyone who was concerned for me that it wasn't a major crisis or anything.

In fact, on the contrary, sometimes circumstances that are so difficult for someone like myself to deal with, can turn into the most glorifying thing for the Lord. Because, any good that results has to be from HIM! And, yesterday, I can testify that on at least four different occasions, I truly felt the guidance, peace, and protection that only He can provide. For my part, this time I listened. And, I surrendered. And, I found myself taking paths I wouldn't have come up with on my own, and as a result - great things came about.

Not everything is happy-happy-big-smiles now.....but, some great things have come about and there is no longer stress in my life. Ah, the joy found in surrender.....


sara said...

why is surrender so hard? you would think as old as I am that I would have learned that it always goes much better when I surrender my flesh and my control, etc. yet when things get dicey around me, I scramble to see how I can fix it or make it work for me.....when I just need to surrender.

Anonymous said...

My pastor says, "You can choose to listen in the ear, or listen in the rear." If you don't heed that still, small voice the correction will come...Congrats to you to for your surrender!