Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our Not-So-Resident Artist

Julie thinks her tan has already faded. Hmmmm, I don't think so. That trip to Maui she took with her family over Christmas is still pretty obvious to me!

While she was over visiting and catching up with us, we coerced her to redo Mikayla's "Upcoming Events" Chalkboard. Christmas and Sunriver are over, afterall.....=(

So, because nothing is really set to happen worth getting super excited about in the next couple of months - we asked Julie to design the board with our Orlando vacation in mind. I don't even bother to suggest ideas, as I know what Julie will come up with on her own will exceed anything I'd imagine.

Isn't this amazing?! It's so fun that Mikayla's room decor now celebrates something we have planned and anticipated for over 3 years. Julie, your artistic skills are so impressive!

It's also pretty clear just how comfortable Sydney feels with Julie.......


j.nelson said...

1. it has faded.
2. i'm not gunna lie, i love drawing for the event board as much as you enjoy not having to do it ;)
3. thanks for dinner and a great hang out/full evening of my "Eugene family"

sara said...

that is awesome!!!

When are you going to FL?

StephieAnne said...

I think that picture had it look more faded than the others, but it captured the whole board so I had to go with it. And THANK YOU again - it's beautiful, as soon as we return we'll have you over again.... HA HA! Just kidding.... =)

April 30th through May 9th - with my parents, sister's family and the Whites (so the folks we spent time with at Sunriver and my parents too). Can't wait!