Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mikayla's Turn for a Fan Club

Wow, that's a large crowd for a second grade (non-play-off) soccer game! But, just as Brayden has had his share of the limelight from the college student crowd, Mikayla had her turn last night. Walt and Kaela showed up - joining the faithful attendees of Julie, Grandma Leona, and Travis and Stephanie (my parents are in Maui......).

Kaela took all these pictures - however, I know John took a truckload too as he was once again reunited with his camera Monday night. =) This is Mikayla's second to last game - she's had such a blast this season and is very sad it's nearing its end. Fortunately, there is a spring season of soccer too.

Following the game, we took Leona out for birthday dinner at Red Robin. She turned 70 last Thursday - what a woman! We all had a delightful time gobbling down our dinner (we were all very hungry) and chatting it up with the actual "Red Robin". Happy Late Birthday Leona!


j.nelson said...

:) Yay for soccer games and Koala's shut out while she was in the goal :)

sara said...

I miss these days!!! You got some great action shots!!