Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Randomness

It's catch-up time on the ol' blog. Time to crossover into random topics and follow up on things that have been addressed before.

First up, the final product of some of the cookies that we taste-tested last week. This was the remainder of the "Lofthouse" recipe.....they puff up real purty, huh?

Kenady and Mikayla rolled out the "Cream-cheese" dough for some cut-out cookies.....

For the last 6 days, we've had Mackie with us. Mackie is Mom and Dad's wire-haired fox terrier. He is such a people-person - sometimes a little over-the-top in his enthusiasm, but definitely a lover.
He is excited to see his Mom today for sure - I know we are sorry replacements for the outpouring of love Mom and Dad give him on a daily basis. Mom is returning from Maui today - while Dad is staying an additional week to do some work on the house he helped build there several years ago.

From the sounds of it, it was a great vacation for them both. They went zip-lining (way to go Mom and Dad) - and based on this picture.....I think Dad found a way to make himself plenty happy......

And, speaking of's another one to introduce........"Dudley". This is Dennis and Lisa's new additon to their family. He visited our house for the first time yesterday and is a total sweetheart. He's part Jack Russel terrier and part "?".......I'm guessing chihuaua or weiner dog based on his small size and long body.....but what do I know? At any rate, the family is in love with him - the kids so sad to go to bed the first night because they didn't want to leave gotta love that!

Finally, I ought to throw an update in regarding John's eye. It's getting better day by day. On Monday he has his ten-day follow-up appointment. Hopefully, it will be good news.

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