Saturday, October 31, 2009

Annual Chili Feed

Happy Halloween! ....Which means it's time for our Annual Chili Feed...... good times, good people, and if I say so myself, very good food.

When we started getting closer to the noon o'clock hour, when people were supposed to arrive - I began to enlist everyone to get the "final chores" completed. Travis thought I was mad at him because he got assigned to putting hard brie on soft bread (which needed to be somewhat reversed for optimum spreading....). John got enlisted to add the apples and brown sugar mix on top - thanks guys!

Grandma Leona came early dressed in costume - looking quite classic, and helped make the punch that went over so well last year.

Mom worked on fruit prep......

It turned into a full house in a hurry - just the way we like it!

These three guys hid in the kitchen.....up to no good, I'm sure.

The 4:30 am workout buddies (John and Steph carpool in the mornings to the gym on M,W, and F's - crazy, huh?)

Travis snapped these two - pretty much where you'll find "Steph and Steph" on any given weekend.....

Still yet to be posted, Harvest at Harlow from last night (pics currently being downloaded) and John's adventures at GameDay this morning at Autzen. It's always a sure sign life is going good for the fam when I can't keep up with blog posts.....

In the meantime - GO DUCKS!

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sara said...

I love get togethers like this!!

I made your dutch babies for breakfast today! yum!! It's part of my project 365 for the day!