Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Repair Necessary

For those of you wondering about the quality of some of the images on the blog (which I doubt are many of you- I really don't think it is of that great of concern for you all!) - my camera's been doing all the work lately. John's is visiting BEST BUY - where he purchased the camera - and wisely - a full warranty when he got it in December 0f 2007. It kept giving us an error code, so it is being seen by the professionals. If they can't repair it, they'll give him a new camera....but, oh - bummer, his camera is discontinued - so they would have to give him the newer version - worth about $200 more. We're hoping for that option! =)

But, of even more concern for us is another lens repair necessary. That would be John's eye. In 1995, when John was working as Program Director out at Camp Harlow, he was swimming underwater in the pool and a girl dove in and her finger punctured his cornea (I know, gross, huh?). So, I remember when I first met him, it was undergoing one of its "repair" seasons. Apparently, with this injury - they eye will work and work to repair itself - and then about every 6 months to two years - it will take a break. This results in approximately 6 weeks of pain in that eye, extreme light sensitivity, and blurred vision. Then, it will eventually go back to normal.

We are probably at week 6 with this. We thought it was getting better, yesterday and the day before - but, today, he woke up with it hurting more than it ever has. Since the diagnosis over the years has always been a bit "fuzzy" (excuse the pun), John told himself this week he would see his PCP and get a referral to a brand new opthamologist and start all over with someone who might have a better answer for him. Today will probably be that day.

So, if you think about it - please be in prayer for him. He's hurting a lot, really can't even read at this point - and just wants it better again.


Growin' with it! said...

oh my goodness! what a freak accident for something so damaging like that to happen. poor guy indeed. i sure hope he gets everything figured out soon. can't ever mess around w/ vision that's for sure.

and the camera deal? mine is a pitiful mess and i desperately need a new one. my little secret though is! makes me "look" like i kinda know how to take a photo!

Anonymous said...

Praying for John to feel much better and his eye to heal completely and never hurt again!

j.nelson said...

my eye just started watering... poor john-boy

sara said...

wow! I will definitely be praying for him. keep us posted.

My nephew had to get a new lens when in JH the kids were shooting staples at each other in class with rubber bands...he got one in the eye!