Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lone Pine Farms

'Tis the weekend for pumpkin farm visits - at least as far as this family goes. While we missed this annual tradition last year, for the last several years it's been a special activity for us with the Whites to navigate the corn maze. This year, it was also an opportunity to see if we could snap a family picture.

While many of you in the rest of the county have had some crazy weather this week/end - here in Oregon the last week has been radiant. October tends to be a good month for us Oregonians - crisp mornings and evenings, and glorious blue sky sunshine during the day - with highs near 70. It's all supposed to change this week, so that made the pumpkin farm a popular place for everyone today.

Each year, we snap a shot of the map before we go in - and then refer back to the camera or i-phone to navigate our way. We were a little more lackadaisical in our references to it this year, but still made it through in 27 minutes. =)

Oh how we love these guys.......

A great smile on my man......

This was inside the school bus positioned within the maze. At nights, they turn this into a haunted corn maze - complete with people that jump out at you. So NOT for me, but in the broad daylight - this inanimate guy wasn't too scary.

This was Mikayla's look of revulsion at another character on the bus.

Once out of the maze, we visited the goat area. The black was one particularly aggressive when it came to eating the food.

John posed for these next two pictures without any idea of what the front of the board said. Very funny.........

In a couple of days, the rain is supposed to settle in. While I know we'll have more brilliant days in the forecast before the end of the year, I think we might have seen our best weather for a while just pass us by. I think we made the most of it though.

Oh, and one more thought - GO DUCKS! Beating Neuheisel's Bruins was so rewarding yesterday, even if the first half was especially nail-biting. However, scoring two touchdowns within the first 26 seconds of the second half was pretty awesome. The entire state of Oregon should be proud of our teams as Oregon State took out the conference leader, Stanford yesterday - leaving that vacancy open for us to occupy. A perfect time for both teams to take a "bye" weekend - opportunity to heal up their injuries and for us to let go of football for next weekend to take a retreat with the college students to the mountains. Now, let's just hope the rain takes a "bye" weekend as well.

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Stephietoo said...

We had such a fun day with you guys. Glad we made it out of that maze in time to get to Brayden's game. :o) Love you guys!