Sunday, October 04, 2009

Date Day

Saturday morning started out in a fun way for the kids - Brayden and I headed out for a date at Cal's Doughnuts while Mikayla went with Daddy to Buddy's Diner. It was a good time for us to catch up with the child that we don't usually tuck into bed and spend the most one on one time with.

Brayden is a very fun date these days. If he appreciates something, or recognizes that a sacrifice was made on his behalf, he lets me know with lots of expressions of thankfulness. It is very gratifying to see him growing up this way. And, for those of you looking at those "honkin'" maple bars, just know that I'm happy to get them for Brayden. That dude is hardly ever hungry, and is expending so much energy. So, when he wants to shovel it in, I'm all for it. I think he is still weighing in this season at the same weight he did last year with Pop Warner.

On the across town date, John shared how flexible Mikayla was when her breakfast order of french toast and sausage turned into pancakes and bacon. She made it clear to the server that she was "fine" with the order she got, and when she finally got the original request, recognized she actually liked the pancakes and bacon better. John thought it was all pretty cute.

At about 10:00, Mom and Dad showed up to pick up the kids. In a coinciding twist of fortune for us, Mom and Dad decided this was the weekend they wanted to go up to Dallas to see Traig play soccer. Ironically, I had planned to meet Michele halfway between our houses later that afternoon to hand off our kids as they were going to spend the night with their cousins, freeing us up to go the night game. Thanks to the serendipity of Mom and Dad - we had "date time" from 10am on.....

I'd like to say the entire day was spent in blissful togetherness, but John and I actually had to spend some time hashing things out. We've spent the last couple of weeks doing too little communicating and too much assuming about each other. After a nice little "discussion" parked in our driveway, John and I felt like we were on the same page again and the rest of the day was, indeed, a lot of fun. Those sorts of things are kind of necessary every now an then.

Here's a shot of us at the Washington State game. We spent about as much time watching the game as we did socializing with our game-day neighbors. It was fun, cold (but I was well-prepared), and not very nerve-wracking. In fact, in the last two games, we've outscored our opponents 94-9! Now, we just need to take that winning-ness down to LA in order to beat out Neuheisel's Bruins next weekend........

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Growin' with it! said...

sweet dates! all 3 of them. ☺ boy do i know what you mean on the "hashing". it's like it all just needs to get out and you always grow with it!