Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Sure What Simon Would Say.....

But we were all "thumbs up". On Friday night, Travis, Stephie, the kids, John, and I all attended CCF's (Collegiate Christian Fellowship - the college group we hang out with from our church) Third Annual Talent Show. It was a hoot, and in this economy, a wonderful way to entertain ourselves for a mere $2 each. Mikayla was bummed that she couldn't compete in her dazzling (and obsessive) jump roping talents, but they did reserve the evening for college-aged performers.

This group of guys were hilarious - they were playing "Rock Band" and according to Travis and Stephanie, doing an amazing job - Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" made the performance even more entertaining.....

This is Abby and Mary Ann, aka "The Cougars" - who were the emcees of the show. Very funny.

The guy that looks like Grizzly Adams is Reid, and the other gentleman is Andrew. Despite their sketchy appearances they are two TOTAL CLASS ACTS. In fact, my gal, Kara, gets to claim Andrew as hers. Recently, all three of them returned with a handful of others from a mission trip to New Orleans. They sacrificed half of their holiday break to go help those in need. So impressive - almost as impressive as the balancing act that these guys did with the big beach ball.

This little dude CRACKED US UP. He, and his slightly older brother, were running all over the place without shirts and had very little sense of personal space or stranger concern. This guy came over to our table and sat right down, helping himself to the plate of goodies Brayden had just got for himself from the refreshment table. Brayden's expression says it all, "What's the deal, dude?"

This group was awesome - they did a performance based on "The Newsies".

Just so you know, this guy was in the middle of a backward flip in the air.

Finally, an overhead view of the program (the event took place in the lobby of our First Baptist Church). These performers were doing a repeat of the "Joyful, Joyful" act from "Sister Act 2" that they first debuted when I was acting as a judge for the womens' Trinity House dance-off.

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