Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from Urgent Care

Two and a half hours later, my poor little man was finally able to exit our local hospital's Urgent Care facility. Long story short, while I was out grocery shopping, Brayden really started wheezing and John felt like he should head on over. Fortunately, Michele was still down, so both John and I could focus on our little buddy and Mikayla could play at home.

As I suspected, Brayden has some sort of chest virus - nothing Antibiotics would fix. His oxygen level is fine, so he's just wheezing through some chest muck. He left with a temporary inhaler should he experience that breathing struggle again.

Because Brayden had missed his "next dose" of Advil, by the time he saw the Triage nurse, he was up to 104 degrees. Fortunately, that prompted them to dose him immediately with Tylenol. By the time he got back to the real doc, he'd perked up considerably.

So, everyone's home now. Brayden will for sure be home from school tomorrow and now I won't have to take him to his normal pediatrician. Based on the amount of people in the lobby, it was clear there's a whole lot of other sickies out there! It sure makes us thankful for the health we do have.......


Family O'Foxes said...

we were there on Tuesday night...Maddie broke her growth plate in her ankle. We didn't get home until 11 pm. Ugh. I should blog about it. Been a long time since I've blog (facebook sucks up my time).

Sorry to hear about your little one. A couple of weeks ago we were in there for my son for something very similar. No fun. My friends have been teasing me because we've visited the urgent care so much lately....they told me next time they go to UC they are going to say, "Put it on the Fox bill".

Anonymous said...

The crud has come to our house...Rachel came down with a fever on Friday and now (Monday) I'm home with her. When the meds wear off she's up as high as 103 degrees. Every once in a while she coughs and it's this disgusting deep sound. I hope Brayden's doing much better by now!

Beverly said...

Oh Steph - I hope Brayden is feeling much better today! I agree it is so difficult to see our babies sick.

Prayers and hugs for you all! (And, lysol all around!!)

HollieHobbie said...

I hope the little guy feels better! and that you don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy - I hope he is all better now.