Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Superbowl Parties, Monster Beanbags, and Awards...

I'm loving the involvement in coming up with captions. For the record, that wasn't my Pepsi, and while Amy can't remember why on Earth she'd have that look (or hasn't admitted it!), I suspect it might have been a moment when she was feeling her "pretty good" headache that night, or worried about not getting the video recorder to work because she knew Dave was going to sing and couldn't get her's downloaded in time to free up space.

I seriously have about 6 posts floating around in this head of mine, but not the motivation to sit down and pen them.....(or should I see "keyboard" them).... So, I'll start with the stuff that has to do with why I keep this blog - the family history of experiences - and go from there.

Here's the crew that assembled on Sunday to watch the Superbowl. Bad quality of picture, but I like how it showed the ONLY person who was rooting for the Steelers (actually, because of Dennis Dixon, I was too....) - (Lisa Q. was seated in the corner out of photo range)

And, here are the "others" who don't have quite as much interest in football......

I think I've eluded to issues we had with testosterone-driven dogs marking on one of our beanbags lately. If not, let's just say Baxter the puppy had an accident, Bogey the Beagle felt the need to clarify the beanbag was his territory, and then Mackie the terrier had to override him. We did our best to clean them, but these bean bags are beyond the "take the filling out and wash them stage" - they've been stitched up so many times, but they are just so comfy it's been hard to say good-bye. Not to mention how expensive good, big, beanbags are. But, with all of the "marking" John and I felt like it was time. We nearly purchased at Overstock, finding a good deal, but recognizing they might not be as big as our current denim ones. However, on a whim, I checked out Target online, and what do you know, but they have chocolate covered microfiber "foam-piece" filled beanbags for a relatively reasonable price. In addition, they had an extra 15% off homegoods, and I had an additional 10% off that - that all helped to cover the very expensive shipping and handling.

Unfortunately, they arrived the day after the Superbowl - and I could tell when the UPS guy brought them in on a trolley, why it cost so much. We unwrapped them, and they were like a sponge, as you jostled up the foam pieces, they kept growing and growing and growing - taking over our entire living room!

So, we got a little more than we bargained for! You can see the one surviving denim beanbag in the background, which now looks so puny (it is officially Syd's beanbag now). But, for all of their obnoxiousness - oh how comfortable - and dare I say the word, but COZY!!!!

Finally, I want to say an official thank-you to "Linda" for the award she gave me yesterday for "saying it like it is".


It had me thinking how much more valuable the award is coming from her, as I consider her one of the most authentic blog-writers I read. Actually, authenticity is a HUGE character quality I admire, so I'm generally attracted to consistently reading blogs from those people who say it like it is.... Thanks to all of you for blessing my life. And, for the record, if I don't post these awards it's only because I wonder how putting extra stuff on my blog might affect the ultimate goal of "blurbing" the blog into its keepsake book at the end of the year. More on that in another post.....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Beverly said...

Seriously huge beanbags!! You might have to remove some furniture for those babies.

But they do look super cozy!!