Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Kind of Get-Away

We just returned from Applebee's and Cold Stone Creamery. Through the compliments of gift cards and coupons, this has turned out to be a very inexpensive adventure. Most of our eating has been done in the room with food we've brought from home that we can keep in the fridge and microwave. (Gotta love that John is in love with Lean Cuisine Paninis right now....).

After 2 and a half days together in tight proximity to one another, the family has really bonded. I know it sounds very odd and makes little sense - why we would leave a house with plenty to offer, to hunker down into a very ordinary hotel space without that much to offer - but, it is very cozy for our family. Everybody hangs out on the king size bed - or perhaps in the couch area within eyesight, and we all do "our thing". John and Brayden have discovered a dirt bike racing game off the internet, I finished reading Ted Dekker's THE KISS (good, but not his best) - and while I was reading, Mikayla asked that I pull out big words and see if she could pronounce them. (Unbelievable how that girl has taken off with her reading.....). Earlier, the boys played football in the pool (we had it to ourselves), while Mikayla and I worked out in the adjacent workout room. All pretty exciting stuff, eh? But, it's the sort of thing that draws us all close, has us uttering the words "Cozy" and "I love you" over and over. Pretty much the only tension is just how hyper the kids can get, conspiring in their giggles and silliness, which, in itself, can be a hard one to be too upset about.

I want to put a special shout-out to a dear friend that moved away to Arizona a couple of years ago that I found out reads my blog. I wrote on your blog, my friend - but know that we are thinking of you and missing you!

Hope you all enjoy your extended weekend tomorrow, if you get the chance - Gotta go - the new season of "Amazing Race" is just about to start!

A couple of pictures to add:

Ever since our trip to Hawaii, Brayden has requested that any time our family goes on vacation, that he and Daddy would get to take a special walk together. That happened this morning - it wasn't a long walk - just across the street to the park, and it didn't last long - it was mighty cold!

And, here's a shot of the kids watching the snow fall out the hotel window:

Finally, a couple of I-Phone shots taken while we were eating at Applebees:


Beverly said...

If you were at home, you would all be spread out all over the house doing your own thing, right?

Your get away sounds perfect! And, yay for AR!!! I have it dvr'd. We are total addicts!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you describe your get away. It's not the same at home.

Growin' with it! said...

oh that daddy/son walk. precious! my guys do it too and it makes me wanna melt!

HollieHobbie said...

I finally got on your blog after what...a couple of weeks? How fun was that pic of you and Amy! See what I get for spending too much time on Facebook!
Maybe you said already but what is the prize? And what was her caption again?
I love your "Love Sacs". They look great in your family room. And I love the brown. We have a tan one. I'll have to go on Target and look at them again.