Monday, February 09, 2009

What a Treat!

My original plans for Saturday were to strip and wax the kitchen floor and sort and put away about 7 loads of laundry. So you can imagine my total disappointment when we were given 4 tickets to the 12:30 Duck basketball game and realized we would be otherwise occupied as a family during that time I had intended to devote to slave labor..... MAN! What a rough life I live.

The seats were exceptional - and despite the Ducks' poor record this year - they delivered a very entertaining and competitive first half against Arizona. It was made even more special as Nike's Phil Knight was in attendance, along with Ahmad Rashad, Dennis Dixon, and Dave Frohmayer (who sat just two rows down from us!) in order to celebrate the ground-breaking of the new Arena. Pretty cool.

On Sunday morning, as John was looking at the paper's write-up, he noticed that we were in the sports' section front page picture. You see the two basketball players and as you look to the background, there we are - standing against the wall! We were actually preparing to leave a minute early......glad we weren't caught in motion walking out!

Special thanks to the special folks who gave us the tickets - for a very special family treat!

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Beverly said...

I {heart} college basketball! There's just nothing like it - the energy, the deafening noise level.


And, cute family pic! Glad you got out of doing those floors. Yikes.