Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Greetings everyone!

We're in the high desert of Oregon now where it's currently snowing outside and everything's blanketed white. It's gorgeous and all is practically perfect. We're all snuggled in our little hotel room, the kids already playing with their Valentines' treat.

What keeps it from hitting the "perfection" level? Hmmm, that would be my stress about leaving the Marriott gift certificates home!!! Can you believe it? I wrote so many lists this week, I can't believe that MOST IMPORTANT THING did not make it to any of them!

So, we're in a bit of a standstill right now- trying to decide if we need to make the 6 hour (5 hour if snow and traffic aren't part of the mix) round trip back home to retrieve the "golden tickets". We have some friends back home that we think might be heading this direction so we've been trying to get a hold of them to see if they might be able to swing by our house and grab them on their way out of town.

For someone who prides herself on planning get-aways and being pretty organized in this area of life - I'm feeling awfully humbled!

P.S. - I think we might have found a solution - Jodi's dear friend, Jaylene is heading over the pass today and she kindly agreed to break into our house to retrieve our certificates! We'll forever be in her debt!!!


Here's a picture of our sleepy-eyed kiddos, tearing into their Valentines' treats:

And this is the front and back of the VERY precious Valentine Brayden made for me, all on his own initiative, that just blessed my heart so much. Nearly 10 years old, and he still wants me as his Valentine, sigh...... (Mikayla's card accidentally got left at home, hmmm, I can't believe she'd forget something so important.....!!! - she's nothing like her mommy, huh?!)

P.S.S. - Huge thanks to Brian, Jaylene, Jodi, and Travis who all worked together to get our certificates to us! And, for the record, "Paul Blart, Mall Cop" is a pretty fun little flick!

NOW, All is well!


Anonymous said...

so glad you got the certificates. And Mikayla's card just give you something to look forward to when you get home, right?

I'm a little confused by the "Oregon desert" bit... Wha?


StephieAnne said...

Bonnie, so funny you mention that - Brayden was bragging about his Oregon geography knowledge that he's been learning today. Basically we live on the west side of the main mountain range in Oregon, the Cascades. We live in the Willamette Valley - with Portland two hours due north. Bend is located to the east, on the other side of the Cascades - at about 3500 feet. It's generally much drier here, not nearly as green as the valley where we live, but still plenty of pines and mountains. To the east of Bend is considered Eastern Oregon where it is quite dry and arid - more desert like, depending on which part of the state you go to.

Beverly said...

That card from Brayden...!!! That is sa-weet and I love that he added that it was "from his heart." Which is code for "I'd like to never see this in the trashcan." :)

Not that any moms I know would EVAH throw away something like that!!!