Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Total 180

This is the third year Brayden has played basketball. I think he began when he was in first grade - skipped second grade, and then has played for the last two years. His coach is Mike - that would be "Growinwithit" Linda's next door neighbor and Kyle's dad. Mike is an exceptional coach, absolutely encouraging to the kids, with a high value placed on sportsmanship. We feel very blessed to have him. After the first game, Mike asked John if he would be willing to be "Assistant Coach". Originally Mike intended to rotate through the dads for that position, but after that game, Mike felt like he and John worked well together, so John's had that job ever since. It's neat to see John take on this role, and of course, gives Brayden a lot of pride - and bonds he and his daddy even more.

The title refers to Brayden's demonstration of skills from last year to this year. We weren't even sure it was something Brayden wanted to do again this year - he enjoyed last year, but didn't show that much proficiency or interest. But, it gave him something to do, and with Mike coaching, it was hard to resist. As it turned out, several of his closest friends are also on the team - particularly Mark and Amy's son, Andrew. Because they attend different schools and have different sports interests, it's been a while since they've been on a team together. So, even before the first game, we all felt great about our decision. And then, we watched Brayden play and thought, "Wow - that's our boy?!" He's playing with focus. He's hustling. He's competitive and aggressive (not obnoxious though). It's actually impressive - and so exciting.... So, while he still could use some "ball control" improvement, we are mighty proud parents of how far he's come.

Here's the team - this game was at 8:30 this morning - and you can tell that all the boys weren't quite prepared...they still look half asleep!

When Brayden was going for a shot, he got fouled. Here's his shot - and the result! Way to go, dude!

Here's Andrew's shot - midair - that did count for two points!

A little dribbling action by our boy-

The game ended with the ball just released by one of the boys on the other team as the buzzer sounded. The score WAS 28-28, but unbelievably, that ball soared through the air and swished through the net. While our loss was a bummer, I bet that boy will remember his heroic effort for the rest of his life!


Bonnie said...

Ah early morning basketball games. I remember them well from watching my three brothers all play. That picture of them lined up so groggily was so funny!

Go Brayden! What a shot!

Growin' with it! said...

i heard about this game from my other neighbor too! (she was there for a game afterwards)...way to go brayden! and that first picture....were you talking about the boys or john & mike?!☺

Beverly said...

Go Brayden!!! I love his face in the last picture when he must be watching they shot that won the game for the other team.