Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This came in the mail last week. Of course, I knew it was coming - I had to pay for it, afterall.... But, its arrival officially took out any and all barricades left to keep me from being in a position to start earning a paycheck of my own.

For those who live in other states, Oregon requires that you have a degree in education in order to substitute. I have that, but not all of the furthering education to take on my own classroom at this point. Which is fine, I have absolutely NO DESIRE to do that......

As it is, I'm only opening myself up to work during the mornings and I sincerely doubt that it will amount to much more than one morning per week. (Talk about part time!). We'll see; by only committing to the mornings it doesn't take any time away from the kids. Our school starts early enough for me to be able to drop them off and still get to the assignment beginning at 8, and ending by 12 has me home before they are, even on early release. But, by restricting myself just to morning calls only, I wonder how often I'll get called at all.

Am I excited about all this? - Nope, actually a little scared and nervous. I think the fact that Michele puts in about 30 hours every week doing this makes me realize I'm capable. It's funny; it's the pace of the elementary school environment that intimidates me, and the kids in the middle school that intimidate me. However, it will be kind of wild to go back now that my kids are deep in the public school realm themselves. (BTW: I'll make myself available to grades K-8, and will not be working in the same district as where my kids go to school....I'll stick to the schools I am familiar with, where I used to work - and even went to school myself).

As for the reasons why I'm making this "return" - well, it was something that was on my heart since last year - thinking it might not be a bad idea once the kids are both in full-time school. With the economy being what it is, well, putting a little extra money aside is always smart. (Particularly if we want to get to Disneyworld next year and splurge while we're there...). Plus, I hope that I can be a "good day" for kids when I come in. Sub days are always "unique" days for kiddos, and if I can turn them into special days, (and still get the job done) - well, that would mean I'm doing a good thing (though, I guess, it would technically just be special mornings.....).

So, don't hold your breath for my first "sub-report", it might take a while. But, tomorrow, I'll take this certificate in and sign myself up - here goes nothing!


Colie said...

That sounds ... um ... like a lot of work and not so much fun. But - I am so intimidated of the classroom setting. I have my liscense as a school counselor and I can subsitute teach but I have always been too scared. I would substitue for a counselor no problem at all (even the classroom teaching aspect of it). But, this is a part of you so congratulations! As a parent I would love to have you and Michele in the classroom. Even if it's only mornings:-).

Anonymous said...

It's always easier after the first "go-round" when you recognize that indeed God did you create with gifts and skills for just that purpose. You'll be terrific and I look forward to again swapping sub stories!

Beverly said...

If I had that certificate, I would frame it and mount it in my front room!!! tee hee.

Seriously, in OK, you only have to go through an orientation and have the courage to be a sub and they'll let you in!! Scary, right?

I love subbing - for the same reasons you seem to. I get to make a difference in someone's life for just a little while. Subs rock!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have a cool certificate! I hope that the "good days" you bring the kids come back to you 100-fold as great days for you.