Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our American Idol Choice

John and I just got around to watching the conclusion of American Idol this week. We didn't realize it, but we actually missed the final performance from Tuesday night - not aware that it was our favorite guy, Danny Gokey that performed.

So, to hear his performance AFTER it was announced he made it to the TOP 12 made it even more special. He sang Mariah Carey's "Hero" - and did a phenomenal job. We then went back and watched his original performance from Tuesday night and saw all of the judges giving him such positive feedback.

Yup, that guy's our hero. Upon further investigation, we found out he works for Faith Builders International Church as a music director (looks like a great church from their Statement of Faith). As has been repeatedly mentioned, his wife died just four weeks prior to his first audition, and his best friend, Jamar, (who also attends the church with him) made it to the Top 54. Apparently, his wife died during surgery for a heart condition - and he never got to say good-bye to her.

John and I not only love his sound, but also his whole character. Sometimes, on this show, you get a feel from the very beginning about who you want to root for all the way through. (Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, both Davids....yup, all of our early picks-) This one is our guy. It was also nice to see Michael Sarver, the oil driller, and Alexis Grace, who did not have her past story highlighted through the previous shows (which I think is very unfair) go through. I think John and I would have stopped watching had Tatiana beat out Danny at the end!

Here's a YouTube link of Danny's performance, if this doesn't show it, undoubtedly, there will be some video on there that will showcase him.

How about you? Any early pics?


Growin' with it! said...

danny is the only one i missed. boo hoo. i would've given a LOT to trade that moment for the one where that crazy girl sang. she's one strange egg. glad to hear danny made it. his story just grabbed my poor heart.

Beverly said...

Danny is our fave, too! There's some serious talent from the guys this year. Looking forward to this season. And, did you see Amazing Race last night??? I really like them all and can't pick just one to win!!

Tatiana..........there are just no words for that. Glad she's gone. Hope Prozac is her friend!!! :)