Saturday, August 09, 2008

Scandinavian Festival

On Thursday night, we took the kiddos to the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City. This has been something we've "intended" to do each year, but because Colin's Camp-Out always lands on the weekend of the festival, we have said "No" in the past because things are usually just so busy.

The other reason for saying "NO" is that there really isn't a lot there for our family besides food. Now, if you know our family, "food" is enough, but it seems kind of silly to drag everyone out there to spend more money than we should on food that isn't good for us. (Or maybe not - I'll do a lot for good food).
My destination of choice was the Elephant Ears. It was beautiful and did not disappoint. John tried the ultra-long-line destination - the "Meat Pies". While he found it tasty, he wouldn't necessarily do the long wait again for it. We all finally ended up with ice cream as well. It was run by the Girl Scouts. Nothing against them (although, I was a die-hard Camp Fire girl)..... but, their system of organization lacked quite a bit. It probably took ten minutes from the time I ordered to get what I wanted, and after two attempts, they still didn't get it right. Sadly, I didn't even like the end result. Oh, poor me.....

It was a swift visit, but I think it was memorable for the kids to do something special and different for the evening.


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Growin' with it! said...

so the girl scouts might be unorganized, but that is one HONKIN' big ice cream cone! ;o)

we took our boys to the fair and bragged up and down about getting an elephant's ear. should've seen their faces when they realized it was fried bread and not the real thing. mark that one down as another hilarious thing i love about being a boy's mom...their attention to detail and literal thinking!

thanks again for the lovin' this week!