Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not So Inspired

I feel like my posting efforts as of late have a been a little lax - and yes, a little on the melancholy side. I'm really not feeling that way, I just haven't been laying in bed with great inspiration running through my mind of what I want to write.

Yesterday was a busy day that started with Amy and the kids coming over, complete with Champ (their pug) bringing a present around his neck for Sydney. She loved the "bone-like object" inside, and it prevents me from going to the Duck Store on her behalf! (see comments last post) Thanks Champ!

Next up, a trip to see my friend, Stephanie H. with Lisa and kids in tow. She lives in Pleasant Hill, has a beautiful house, and an adorable one and a half year old Golden Retriever. I felt a little bit like I was betraying Sydney for the two hours we were there as I spent the majority of the time making "Sammy" very happy by petting him constantly.

Finally, we headed home and I learned how to peel peaches by boiling them first and then turned that into a fresh Peach Kuchen for the dinner party we were invited to last night with Phil and Lisa S., Steve and Kris, Mark and Amy, and Randy and Nancy. The food was FANTASTIC and fellowship even sweeter - I was very inspired with where the course of conversation took us.

I gotta say, I'm enjoying the weather break. It's just enough to get my cozy feelings going for a bit - and then put a stop to it for a while so I can really appreciate the hopeful next 4-6 weeks of still continued sunshine. It's slowed the pace around here (except for yesterday!) and has helped me get caught up with some of those not-so-fun details that get ignored when we're heading to the pool or wherever else each day in the summer.

Michele and kids arrive this afternoon - tomorrow we'll hopefully take advantage of the weather change at the pool, then Saturday will bring us rafting on the McKenzie, and Sunday will hopefully take us to Bandon. There should be some fun, lively, full-of-pictures posts to come.....

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HollieHobbie said...

yay! Lots of fun! I will continue to envy that you and Michelle can spend so much time together as my sister just left a short time ago after being here for 5+ weeks. I love reading about you and your Sister!