Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Win Down......

Yesterday was a super day. We woke up to a "briskness" that felt a bit like autumn and football.

Since our first "appointment" of the day was at the Johnsons' home tailgater at 3:30, that left plenty of time to hang out on the couch, read a good book, watch "Game Day" and college football. Truly, it felt like all was well in the world.

In the afternoon, the family headed over to Christy and Sheldon's and joined with a bunch of other buddies to anticipate the kick-off to the UO Football Season. Made even more enjoyable was the presence of our new pastor, Ben Cross along with his wife and daughter. He's from the Washington area, with a few of his children being Husky alumni, so it was a big deal to have him wearing this: (the picture looks a little funny with all of us girls around him, that just happened to be who was sitting near him when we snapped the shot)

And, here's a picture of Holliehobbie and myself - Pete and Hollie and their three kids came on down from Washington (they are DUCK fans, don't let their location fool you) - and it was wonderful to get a chance to see and hang out with them as well.

Finally, we ended up at the game - another date night with just John and I. It was a great time, with a win of 44-10, so it was quite satisfying. The only bummer was the absence of Travis and Stephanie who normally sit two rows behind us. They were very busy at the time, as Travis was actually walking his sister down the aisle to be married. Congratulations Kristen and Brian!

This last picture is of our resident celebrity - aka "Mr. TV Time-Out", Mr. Mike Whitty. Always fun to see him on the field, watching the clock to make sure the local tv affiliates who are airing the game get their appropriately allotted commercial time.

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Growin' with it! said...

are you sure mike's not just holding his arms out hoping they'll throw him the ball!!! :o) (all the love mike!)

and wow..pastor ben in green and yellow already, man have we converted him quick!