Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's That Time of Year

This picture was taken about a month ago, and is my gardening pride and joy. For those of you reading long enough, you'll remember that last year's pumpkin efforts garnered a perhaps C- score. I came away with a couple white mini pumpkins and I think two normal size ones, but it was certainly a weak showing.

This year, I've been highly attentive to my little babies. I've used product to keep fungus away and have tried to water early enough so that it doesn't mold overnight. My efforts have proved "fruitful" (or is it vegetable-full?!) as it appears that I have at least 8 shot-put sized little pumpkins growing..... This makes me very happy.

As the pumpkins mature, however, it makes me realize how close we are getting to the end of summer. For the sake of needing to re-set better habits and routines, I'm ready. For the sake of embracing the feel of the harvest season and all things cozy that goes with it, I'm ready. But, I'm not ready to turn the easy laughter I'm hearing these days from Brayden into whining and tears as the morning wake-ups and pressures of school kick in. I'm not ready to lose my faithful daily companion for the last 6 years to a full day of school. (I'm telling myself right now, "DO NOT CRY!"). And, honestly, I'm not quite ready to tell you how I'll be spending my time while she's gone.....(I think I'll be postponing any major decisions until January....)

So, I'll end my post with those questions that have been on the minds of so many minds these days. What are you looking forward to with the change of seasons and what are you dreading?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to: smaller daycare bills. I hate it, but the financial strain sort of ruins the fun of summer for me. It will be such a relief to actually be able to budget again!

Dreading: Going back to being the AM drill sergeant. Our elem. school starts at 7:55! Also: the "busyness" of school, daycare, homework, and sports plus visitations etc. It has been nice this summer to make one stop AM and PM, then go home and just stay home all evening.

Steph, I am already struggling with my youngest being nearly 5, and so glad I get an extra year before kindergarten. I feel your pain (and tears) with Mikayla. I'm also struggling with having a 4th grader. I spent some time puzzling over the school supply list thinking, he's going into 3rd grade, right? He CAN'T be going into 4th! I had to remind myself of all his teachers to figure it out. My best friend can't wait to get her youngest into school and take back some of her own life (which is probably healthier)...I feel like 'my life' is growing up too fast!!

StephieAnne said...

Oh, I hear ya! Actually, that's the same time our school starts - it's the earliest in Eugene - Oh Joy!

I'm trying not to "go there" with the Mikayla thoughts. I cheated the system last year by putting her into the church run kindergarten, but this year there's no getting around it. I'm just hoping and praying she gets fitted with the right teacher so that she ends up loving school right off the bat. And, of course, I'm praying the same for my "4th grader" too.... (and that feels so weird for me to say too!).

Anonymous said...

Hi -

School has already started here in sunny Colorado for most of the kids I know.

My daughter is in pre-pre-K so it isn't as structured as pre-k will be next year, but are trying to get into a solid routine. Because she does daycare every day it isn't much of a change for us. I'm sure that will change in the next few years.

I'm enjoying not having so much pressure to "make summer great" and it is really cooling off here. It is nice to sleep without the drone of the AC (except for those crazy squirrels that chatter outside our window at 6 a.m. ... our version of your crows!)

I'm looking forward to having the Democratic National Convention over and everyone back from vacations so we can get back to business as usual in Denver.

I'm dreading the above mentioned DNC, the election, and the end of fresh fruit season here. I love the farmers market... it will be back to bananas and grocery store fruit soon.

Colie said...

Well, our schedule doesn't really change if we don't want it to since my children are still here with me. BUT - I am looking forward to some change. We will start some preschool here at home and I'm excited to help Caleb learn some cool things. I'm also excited for sunny, fall days / pumpkin patch / hunting season / cozy mornings and full park days when we have crisp cool weather.

I'm not looking forward to days and days of rain with no end in sight; trying to entertain two kids inside for days and hours on end. Ugh. You can come visit me Steph if you need a child fix during your days:-).