Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blog Housekeeping

I had a disappointing afternoon yesterday with the annual "Did you make the team?" class postings at the kids' school sharply put up at 5pm..... (can you tell I can't stand the way they do that?!). Every year it's the same old thing, either the right teacher without the right kids, or the right kids without the right teacher (or, worse yet, having the "right" nothing....). I feel good about Mikayla's teacher (she was my 2nd pick) and even better about the class list, but Brayden got the one teacher I wrote a request asking that I would not get (you can't actually list teachers by name, so I had to describe him needing a teacher that was everything I've heard she is not....). I need to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I'm ready to be "vocal" this year, as necessary, to make sure my boy doesn't slip through the "good-enough kid/B+" cracks that I feel like many can easily do in big classrooms.... Anyway, it took a long time to settle down last night when trying to go to sleep - I really need to rest in the Lord that he has a perfect plan with this choice.

Regarding housekeeping stuff, for those that have been reading but have never commented, or new to visit, I wanted to remind you that this blog allows for anonymous comments, which means you don't have to "log in" or create a password to comment. It would be great if you do as Michele does or John does and sign your name at the bottom just so I know who you are, but either way, I just wanted to clarify that it's super easy to do if you want to add your two cents...... =) (and that's not to say that I believe that is the value of your comment, that's just an expression my grandpa used.....)

And regarding "two cents" - I want to declare that this blog will be a politics free blog. There's a lot that's on everyone's minds right now and I certainly have plenty of opinions, but I deliberately try to keep my blog pretty low in the debate level. I kind of cringe with too much opinion aimed straight at me, and, even more significant, this blog gets turned into a book that is a family keepsake and I don't think in years to come that political debate will be what we'll all want to sit around to read. Finally, when one declares their political stance, all of a sudden, others tend to believe a thousand different things about them based on prejudice and stereotype. I'm guilty of that myself. Since we are all pretty limited in our opportunity to really know each other, I'd rather those assumptions get left off the table. Of course, feel free to comment as you wish, I'm mostly just saying you won't be reading posts that I've written of political nature -

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, and I sign off with just two words......



Anonymous said...

I agree about the polical comments (though they will seep in in my blog I'm sure.)

And my I just say... GO RAMS!!! CSU cuff the Buffs!


StephieAnne said...

Colorado State, huh.... I'll root for them today. While I may disqualify politics from blog discussions, college football - oh, that's a whole different story!!!! By the end of November, everyone will be sick of hearing about the Ducks!

And, I'll enjoy reading your political perspective as well as others, lurking into others' with political views is something I'm just fine with doing!

Growin' with it! said...

oh how i feel your pain. we drove up late last night on our way home. knots in all our tummies. ani got the teacher i was hoping he wouldn't (although HE did) and did the same request form. grr.

and the most pitiful...d-man so full of happiness on his face to see his teacher and then immediate sadness when he saw who was in there with him. a couple kids he really struggled with last year.

we had a good long talk about it being a new year and change. i went to bed feeling so horrible for him. i know we need to teach our kids to get along with everyone, but sometimes i just hate to see him struggle. big bummer! character building, right?

thanks too for the invite for christy!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of political debate myself. My bosses like to stand right in front of my desk and tell me everything they think. Yesterday there was a very long, emotional discussion between them about McCain's running mate. ENOUGH ALREADY!

I feel sorry for whoever has to sit next to Leslie on an airplane, because she's come up with this thing where she talks about politics with whoever she sits next to. She has decided that all but one of her seatmates were "stupid" based on their responses to her questions.