Monday, August 25, 2008

More Pictures from the McKenzie

These were just uploaded from the Oregon Christian Rafters and Paddlers website - we didn't get any awesome ones of hitting some major rapids, but I guess there are still two photographers who snap your picture from the shore next to Martins Rapids, so we'll have to see what those look like and whether or not we want to invest when they are put on the websites.

Here's our "little family":

And a great one of Travis and the "very brave" Stephie.....

At the lunch break, my dad decided to take disciplining Brayden's very obnoxious behavior (he was on the boat so I can't testify to it.... I can't imagine him being anything but a perfect angel!) into his own hands.... Good for my dad!

Here is a picture of the girls - "Before":
And "After":

And, one of the few shots we had of us actually in the raft - this was the boat with my mom and dad, Michael and Michele, Ellie, Brayden and Traig, and the raft guide, Brian.

And, finally, a picture of Traig with a huge beaming smile, pretty much summed the whole experience up.

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