Sunday, February 03, 2008

Our Uninvited Guest

We have a guest at our little cabin right now. We tried to lower the blinds for a while to see if he'd go away, but after 30 or so minutes of it closed, we opened it up, and there he was at the door again. You'd think the freezing temperatures would prevent visitors like this, but this guy's persistent.

When he first arrived, I tried to get the kids to ignore him. "You don't know if that guy's friendly", I said - but still, they kept begging to be able to help him, to open the door to him. Even as he kept peering at us through the window.

Finally, John came down to take this guy on. Enough's enough. But, how can you say "no" to this guy?

Actually, come to find out - "he" is a "she" - and her name is Samoa - she is a full-time resident of Sunriver, living just a few houses down. As concerned as the kids were about this "poor, shaking dog" - it turns out, she was shaking because she was watching the kids play with a balloon through the window and desperately wanted "in on the action". When we opened the door to her, she was desperate to play catch and would run after a snowball and search endlessly for its whereabouts.

Eventually, John tore a branch off the tree and talked to the neighbor as the kids played catch with her endlessly. Oh, my, would Sydney (who had to stay home because of pet restrictions here) be jealous!

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