Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Couple of Questions 100

This is it - the end of "A Couple of Questions". I'll post some randomly, when they come to mind - but I think I've fizzled out for now.....

How about today for those of us living in the Willamette Valley? GORGEOUS!!! It makes me so happy to have days like today. What else makes me happy? Oh yeah, the fact that I can be typing this post during the middle of the day because I got my computer back- YIPPEE!!!! I feel my February Funk starting to fade.......

So, I can't say that these are profound, but here we go.

1. Name 5 random things that you are pretty good at [doing].

2. Name 5 things that you are not so good at.


StephieAnne said...

1.) I was thinking about this earlier - hopefully, I'll remember what I came up with-
1. vacation planning 2. baking comfort foods (particularly desserts) 3. physical flexibility (I have a heck of a high kick...) 4. making really good raspberry jam 5. reading aloud children's books

2.) 1. pretending with my kids (my 8 year old self would be so disappointed with me right now) 2. sit-ups 3. the deep cleaning aspects of my house 4. consistently feeding my kids healthy meals 5. keeping my car clean

the more random - the better, folks - have fun!

HollieHobbie said...

1. listening
2. English/Spelling
3. the cosmetology industry
4. procrastinating
5. not for this rated G site...haha

1. Organizing
2. keeping God first
3. brain surgery
4. technical computer stuff
5. putting up Christmas lights

Good questions, Steph! Thanks for giving us 100 segments of fun entertainment! Way to go making it to 100.

Anonymous said...

chele said...
1. eating
2. talking
3. penmanship
4. reading (rather quickly)
5. providing decent shoulder/back rubs... :)

1. I like Hollie's response of keeping God first for the other list- wouldn't life be so much easier if we could just stay focussed on that goal
2. organizing/preparing baby books and scrap books
3. remaining a calm, cool, and collected wife/mom when stressed and/or running late
4. rocket science (or even putting things together/computers - I'm always calling on 9 year old Traig to help... pathetic given that I am the daughter, wife, and sister-in-law of 4 different builders...)
5. consistently responding to Steph's blog (or anyone else's for that matter) :)

Jodi said...

Okay, here goes, glad others went first so it could stir my brain:

1. typing
2. sleeping/napping. i'm a GREAT sleeper!
3. remembering useless movie/actor/television trivia
4. I can hear really well if I focus (think Kyle XY, HA!)
5. I can diagnose medical ailments fairly well because of my ability to remember symptoms of diseases and any other medical info I read/hear about...for example, if we are watching a movie and the character does something odd that most people might miss I can usually tell it is a symptom of something and announce what they have before anyone else in the room knows they are even sick

Bad at:
1. discipline in eating/computer use/exercise
2. trivial pursuit (if only they asked more medical/pop culture questions!)
3. being patient when I'm stressed
4. running, I am NOT a good runner
5. saying NO

Anonymous said...

Good at:
1. listening and counseling
2. wit/sarcasm
3. finding spelling errors on restaurant menus
4. the "Satan yell" that makes naughty children hide in corners
5. stretching dollars

Bad at:
1. making friends
2. talking to old people
3. dieting
4. singing
5. washing my face before bed

Colie said...

Here I go:-).
1. saying what I'm thinking (I'm told)
2. organizing
3. playing with my kids
4. computer stuff
5. being with a small group of people - listening, talking, conversing, etc.

1. Spelling!
2. paying attention to details
3. cleaning my house
4. listening to my husband - he is a detail guy and I sometimes forget to keep listening. It's not good!
5. arguing/debating - my sister could always out argue me!

Fun questions steph!

StephieAnne said...

Brayden says:

football, snowboarding, wakeboarding, making people smile, skills at video games

keeping my pencils, staying focused, forgetting things, hockey, saving$

Stephietoo said...

These are great! Everyone has such fun answers.

Good At:

1. My job (both as a wife and as an executive assistant)
2. searching for (and finding) information on the internet.
3. Right now (and for the last two plus weeks) working out 6 days a week.
4. Colie, I am pretty good at that "Satan yell" too, but not with kids; since I don't have any; (with my husband). Sorry, honey!
5. Putting up Christmas lights (Sorry, Hollie, I just had to put that one on here because I am so picky about what kind of lights go on my house (must be white), and they have to be impossibly straight, and they have to only go on certain places of the house/roof. Which is why Travis is not allowed to put them up and you can find me on the roof of my house (even though I am terrified of heights) during the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Not so good at:
1. Taking the Christmas lights down!! Christmas of 2006, the lights stayed up until Christmas of 2007.......
2. Eating healthy
3. I agree with Hollie; keeping God first.
4. Cooking, baking, etc.
5. Brayden, I am with you; I cannot play hockey either, nor am I very good at it.

Very fun! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that Satan yell is all mine, baby!

Too bad my sinus headache has made it impossible the last few days.

Stephietoo said...

Heather, I am right there with you on the sinus thing too. I finally went to the doctor today because my cough was so bad, I was struggling to breathe last night. Diagnosis? Walking Pneumonia! There goes my six days per week at the gym. I tried to talk my doctor into letting me go today and swim, but he said that with a fever of 101 (my normal temperature is low 97 degrees) it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go to the gym. I am hoping that I can go and swim a little tomorrow.

Another thing, Heather. Although I have never met you, I feel like I know you and that we have been friends for a long time. Mostly in part to Stephie's blog, and hearing so much about you from Stephie and Chele. Oh, and the fact that I read your blog too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope you feel better heather!