Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lovin' the Date Night!

Happy Beautiful Weekend!

Gotta say, John and I had a great date night yesterday. After coming home late Thursday night, I pulled out the gift certificate for the Campbell House Inn where we supposed to have dinner on Friday. There was this fine print that indicated that it wasn't valid on holidays or holiday weekends. Now that would have really stunk to have sat there and had a very fancy meal, gotten the $88 tab (I looked up online to see the Valentines Dinner and rates) only to find we were stuck with the bill because our certificate didn't apply. Whew---- John and I do NOT place a high value on fancy cuisine so that would not have been a pretty sight.

So, instead, we were able to delay departure just a bit, giving John a chance to not have to leave work early and not pushing Michele so much to get here. We had a bite in the Red Robin bar, went to see "Fool's Gold" after stopping in a few shops at VRC (a fun entertaining movie, btw) and headed off to the really nice room we were assigned to at the Hilton.

This morning I enjoyed some apple bread french toast at the hotel restaurant and we returned home around 10:30. It was a short adventure, but very sweet. An awesome date.

As for right now, we're nearly off to Brayden's basketball game. Stay tuned for upcoming posts because we have a very special guest staying with us through Monday. His name is Champ and he's about 8 pounds..... I'll wait and let the next post's pictures give you a better idea of who this houseguest really is.....

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