Friday, February 29, 2008

The Absurdity of Atkins

I think I'm going to rename my blog to "Carnivore Corner". That's how I'm feeling these days.

After trying hard for about 6 weeks doing my general "eat less, exercise more" and feeling like I was getting no where (stuck at a nasty plateau point), I decided to try science and see if that wouldn't help things a bit.

While, when dieting, I generally keep my calorie intake around 1400 calories, I will admit, much of those are carbs. I really crave carbs and sweet tasting foods. So, knowing there are many no-fat candies - a handful of Hot Tamales, Good and Plentys, or Valentines Sweethearts would certainly not be a rare part of those 1400 calories. I suspect anyone (without even a rocket science degree) would tell me that this is my problem. But, quoting Hannah Montanna, I was hoping for the "the best of both worlds". Weight loss without losing my food comforts (just eating more selectively and less of them).

So, I decided I'd try the opposite. I'd try Atkins and see if purging all sugars and carbs from my system (except approx 20 grams a day) would show some results. The big goal, of course, is just getting beyond this weight plateau and feeling good about myself in April when we head to Maui.

I measured and weighed in on Monday - my "average plateau weight" - and began eating in the obnoxious Atkins fashion. Here's a sample of what any day this week might have looked like (Jodi - this aint for you!!!!)-

tea with plenty of half and half and sugar free vanilla coffee mate
2 scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese
rotissierre chicken (skin still on....)
"Pure Protein" bar
handful of salted peanuts
3-4 pieces of bacon
3-4 mini sausage patties
sugar free jello
Safeway's low-carb 2 gram "ice cream" bar
plenty of Diet Coke
multi-vitamin =)

Does that sound disgusting? Well, the joy of Atkins is that you can eat 24-7 as long as you aren't eating carbs. That's a big deal to me as I like things in my mouth. I also found some sugar/carb - free maple syrup to help make my sausage and bacon feel a little more treat-like. I read up a bunch yesterday and confess that the peanuts and caffeine products aren't supposed to be on the list yet - but, I can only go so far.....

As for the results.... today is the first day I'm not waking up completely lethargic. I didn't see that one coming, but after talking to Travis yesterday (the Atkins pro) and reading up - apparently this is the result of the body learning to find an alternative fuel-energy source than all of the sugars it's used to having. My stomach, with the help of the Prilosec I have a prescription for, is faring quite well. And, as for weight loss - there's been a loss every day on the scales - sometimes a half pound, sometimes a pound - with a net loss for the week of 3 and half pounds. Crazy, huh? Especially when you consider that this is the really difficult pounds for me to see progress on......

Will this be my new lifestyle diet? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But, it's gonna be an experiment I'll probably devote a couple of weeks to. I have not cheated, as, ever since I've heard about this diet, I've had a huge issue with its inherent danger. If I give my body some carbs for all of the fat to cling to - ooooohhhh, not good! Medically, I am invested in not screwing with my cholesterol and allowing the science to work as it's supposed to. (That hasn't stopped me from dreaming that I've blown it by eating carbs - me and my stress dreams!!!).

I'll blog again about this when I've decided I'm done - but I thought I'd share the absurdity of it all for this first week..... weird science, I'm telling you....


HollieHobbie said...

When I was on Atkins, I got the cobb salad at Marie Calenders all the time.
I turned 30 four days after I satrted Atkins, so I couldn't have cake....I've been making up for it ever since....haha
How is Lisa?

StephieAnne said...

Good to know about the Cobb salad....

Lisa is doing a LOT better. I think the antibiotics really helped - that and just being able to rest without kids around or any other worries.

Today, the kids are home with her - so hopefully there won't be any curtailing of the healing....