Saturday, February 09, 2008

Brayden's Wide World of Sports

The only thing that John and I HAD to do today was hit Brayden's basketball game. It's that kind of weekend, nothing going on - very relaxing, and I've not only taken advantage of that by sleeping in very late (for me, at least) and then taking a long afternoon nap as well. I'll chock it up to the respiratory cold that the whole family is fighting - trying to conquer it through "adequate rest".

Brayden has participated in a lot of sports already this year. Since Mikayla is not doing anything outside of the "school day hours" this is Brayden's year to try what he wants - I think next year, we'll be restricting things a bit more.

The first set of pics are from Brayden playing basketball. Between you and me, his height really hurts him in this area - his shot accuracy isn't bad, he's a great little defender, and the enthusiasm he adds to the team is wonderful. But, he has yet to score - despite SO MANY close calls. It is SO SWEET, however, as the whole team's parents really want it to happen and you can hear the collective "OHHHHHH" when the ball bounces off the rim. Bless his heart, I know that Brayden wants to make it happen, and laments about it later, but you'd never see him get upset about it on the court - a big reason I just adore that kiddo.

A few weeks ago, Brayden finished up his stint of indoor soccer play - not my favorite sport as it's Friday nights and a little crowded and cold in the indoor facility. But, he had fun -

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