Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Couple of Questions 99

Anyone else ready to get out of February? I'm sorry, Colie, I know it's your birthday month, but I'm so ready to redo my whiteboard calendar with March and April (I do two at a time) and feel like we've finally made it to spring! Still no news about my computer, not even a diagnosis yet. Grrrrrr..... The whole family is under the weather, coughing, bit of a sore throat, tired and irritable, and the 10 day weather forecast is entirely "rain or showers" - so long sunshine, and here comes Debbie Downer with all of her bummer attitude. Sorry guys! So with that in mind-

1. What is a "guaranteed escape" movie for you to watch that can get your mood back in the rafters again (or at least not in the basement!)?

2. What has been something that has happened in February that you have been very thankful for?


StephieAnne said...

1. As silly as it sounds - the High School Musical movies kind of "take me away" to a place of "all is well"--- I'm already very much looking forward to October to sit in the theater for number 3!

2. Michele is not going to be happy with me for stealing her obvious answer - but having the Schillings "do it" by getting their house ready in time for the bank appraisal (against ALL ODDS) and receive the funding they were hoping for - so awesome. Just going for a jog with Michele (when she was down), when it was sunny outside and there was so much to be thankful for this weekend - that was a great moment!!!

Jodi said...

1. I love Under the Tuscan Sun. The scenery, the food, the culture, all of it.
2. Gosh, nothing specific. We have had some gorgeous weather, which is high on my list. I had a great weekend away. I've been able to take some bike rides and hike the butte. But what stands out is just being thankful daily for my husband and kids.

Anonymous said...

1. For me it's TV shows on DVD: The Office, King of Queens, Seinfeld. I put in my favorite episodes and have some laugh therapy.

2. Like Jodi I think I've been especially appreciative of my kids this month. Valentine's was really special this year. I'm starting to get a bit grumpy when they have bdays cuz I don't want them to grow up!