Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Champ" the Pug

So, this is "Champ". Do you like his sweatshirt? Amy found it at Walmart and couldn't resist....

Champ is the newest addition to the Meyers family - Mark, Amy, Andrew, Christina, Jackson - and now, Champ (and, let's not forget "Belle" the outdoor golden retriever they've had for 8 years). Since they were invited to spend the three day weekend at a friends' cabin, we made previous arrangements to dogsit for them.

This guy is a bundle of energy, and I'm convinced, a rather perfect addition to the Meyers as he seems to love attention, affection, and play - which that family can provide in abundance. To me, he's a prime example of dichotomies. One minutes I'm looking at him thinking, "a dog just doesn't get much cuter than that" and the next minute he's staring at me with that flattened face, tongue slightly dangling, eyes bugging out - not even focused simultaneously from the the outer edges of his face and I find myself thinking, "save me from this gremlin!". Likewise, in one instance he will cuddle with you and being as soft and comforting as anything on earth, and then later, his little baby teeth are trying to sink into any flesh he can find - and won't cease his "playful attacks". When all is said and done, however, I think he is absolutely adorable - and it's been a wonderful thing to have his presence in our family. All 5 of the kids have delighted in it (the Schilling kiddos are with us this weekend) - so it's been perfect because someone is always ready to give Champ lots of love. Yet, I do find myself happy he's not mine - kind of like loving a baby but glad to give it back to its mom. Sydney (who's clearly feeling a little slighted) is the perfect fit for this family and I'm thankful we're out of the puppy stage. But, ask us again, anytime, Meyers - your little guy is indeed a champ!!!

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