Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bull in a China Cabinet

The other day when we were at Red Robin and Brayden was doing his classic "oblivious 'bull in a china cabinet'" behavior (sleeves nearly skimming mustard, almost knocking over the drink) - I made that comment about him and John said he never understood what "bowl in a china cabinet" means - SILLY GOOSE - "It's bull not bowl.... no wonder you didn't understand!"

I've thought about that a lot today as I've been in close proximity to my son. Today, (and it's only 1:15 as I write this), he's left out milk all morning, nearly got his boot permanently stuck in the snow, spilled his beverage twice at Hot Lava Bakery, knocked himself and the chair over backwards at above mentioned bakery, broke a bowl all over the floor while trying to get ice cream, then left the glass fragments in the dustpan on the table, along with the gallon of ice cream and his bowl of ice cream because he got distracted with balloons and ran upstairs to play with them, and as John upon getting home just discovered, left his gloves outside so they'd disappear in the snow......- What to do with this boy? He's ALL OTTER - playful, playful, playful - but John and I are struggling in our attempts to get him to understand when more focus, attention, and concentrated effort are necessary. Sigh......

In the meantime, here's some fun pics of me and the kids braving the windy, steady, icy snowflakes that have been falling since we woke up. Since John was at the dentist appointment (with the vehicle) - we thought it would be fun to walk to the store and the mall - and make some priceless memories in our adventure.

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Stephietoo said...

Man, I am so jealous that we aren't there with you guys. I wish you would have invited us..... :o)~ I can't believe how the weather is over there; we are loving the phone calls letting us know of the 'weather' updates. I can't believe an SUV got stuck in your driveway! The weather report for Sunriver says that it will be snowing 1-2 inches every hour through about 2:00 a.m. and then tapering off. That's about a half-foot of snow in three hours. Once again, I am sad we aren't there, but think we made the right decision. Be safe guys, we love you and miss you lots! Stephie