Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

Christmas morning at our house went just exactly as hoped. Santa had come and seemed to appreciate the gifts we left for him based on all of the gifts left under our tree. The kids were in exceptional moods once they woke up, and were patient enough to wait for mom to get breakfast going so it would be ready once opening was over.

We delighted in our stockings presents - particularly Sydney with her "duck bone" who once again walked around the house with it in her mouth, unsure what to do with it, but unwilling to put it down. The kids loved their Webkinz-

We admired their courteousness in opening the presents - and graciousness with even the smaller gifts. It made us very proud.

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls, orange shake, brown sugar bacon, and pineapple - very good, however, next year, I say we just stick with the carmel rolls. Prior to eating, we all expressed our gratitude in prayer to God for such an amazing day.

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