Friday, December 21, 2007

Slip-Sledding Away....

Now that John has his new camera, and has been avidly using it (of which I am very thankful), his feelings get a little hurt when I don't post ALL of the pictures that he loves on my blog. I've tried compromising with him, but when I asked him to narrow it down to 10 for the "sledding post", he gave me 18 that he REALLY WANTED me to put on the post. (He has become a bit of a partner in the "book creation" that we are doing with these blogs, so he loves the idea that all these pictures will eventually make for a beautiful book). So, lest you think that it is just me that is overdoing it with all of the pictures we upload - now you know, "the rest of the story". (And, in case you are counting, I did narrow it down a bit, but expect more pictures soon as I do all of the "random fun ones" that don't fit any particular theme....)

As you can hopefully tell by these pics, we all had a great time sledding. Sydney is so worn out today from chasing everyone down the hill, then racing back up. Today is our last full day here. There is a bit of a melancholy feeling that comes with that realization, but as I made everyone promise last night when I had to retire early with a massive headache, we're trying not to think about it, and won't be doing a bunch of pre-mature packing so as not to remind ourselves of that reality.

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