Friday, December 21, 2007

Wrapping It Up...

Here's the collage that John didn't want left out of the blog - I'll add a little commentaries here and there:

Nati just loves to cuddle in bed - her future husband will love that....

Michele reading a book to Ellie-

Wasn't going to put this one in, but John insisted - me in my Mrs. Claus apron-

Mikayla with her "sassy look"-

Nati, on the sledding hill-

Thanks Leona, for all of the awesome treats (almost all gone), including this yummy pumpkin bread-

Sydney, in motion - isn't this a fun pic?

Michele and I - happy twins-

A rare image, me actually doing some family videotaping (I should be WAY BETTER at that...)

Michele in her ultimate "happy place" - reading her novel at the relaxation room at Sage Springs Spa-

Part of the Wii has you set up your own characters - we had a lot of fun creating each of our "Mii's", it would be interesting if you could guess who is who-

The girls huddled around the laptop-

Me, making apple pies-

The dogs - very happy-

Double trouble-

Travis and Steph's Dux Box - indicating just how much snow we got here-

Little Ellie-

Apparently, it's supposed to rain tomorrow so perhaps it's good that we are leaving. We have already set up reservations for next year, so that makes leaving a little bit easier.... Hope the few days before Christmas are wonderfully festive for everyone!

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HollieHobbie said...

Love the pics!