Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Mary

Apparently, Mikayla has within her, the capacity to only "be still and appropriate" for one Christmas performance a year. Given the two she was involved in, we were very pleased with her decision to choose her role of Mary as the one to take seriously.

There is a pride like no other to see your daughter take center stage. Sure, she has no speaking roles, just stands there and looks cute, but as I walked her in to the building, you could hear another mom say to her child, "Look at her honey, I think that's Mary". Because, to a three year old, Mikayla is the "big girl" at the school - one of the "kindergarteners" at the school - and those are the ones that get the big roles.

Mikayla walked Baby Jesus up to the front without a hitch, carefully laid him in the manger, and even did her part to instruct her fellow classmates on where to stand. It was a 180 of her last performance, and to some extent, that pleases me - to know that she has both of those personalities within her - the silly, crazy side, and the reverent, responsible side. I'm just very thankful she chose the reverent side when becoming Mary......

This last picture shows the kids with a surprise appearance of "Santa". You should have seen the faces of the kids when he walked into the sanctuary - so adorable. So, here's the kiddos with the big man -


Stephietoo said...

Yeah, did you notice that Travis and I hightailed it out of there after Santa showed up? SCARED ME!! No, he had to get to a basketball game, so once we gave K-Bear a hug, we had to take off.

She was absolutely adorable. I just love going to those little pageants because the kids are so little and most are playing around, waving at their friends and family, and some are wandering around. I was really proud of her, being so good and serious.

Love you guys, and I can't wait for Saturday!!!!

Colie said...

So cute! Great pictures - it seems like your camera is working well:-).

HollieHobbie said...

what a perfect little Mary!