Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Best-Of's in 2007

The Wii tournament of champions is about to begin in the bonus room, while us ladies all have some sort of electronic device at our laps. I had to tear my kiddos away from the Webkinz website, but they'll be done crying soon enough =)!

So, I've had some thoughts lately on some things I've really enjoyed this year - many of them holiday related. Here's some of my BEST OF's:

BEST CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL: "Remember the Reason - Focusing on Christ at Christmas" by Honor Books. Individual devotionals per day separated into Scripture, Prayer, reflecting on the name of Jesus, and a relatable story. The best I've read so far in terms of Christmas devotionals

BEST COMPLETION OF A BOOK TRILOGY: "Echoes" by Kristin Heitzmann, the third of her series which began with "Secrets", then "Unforgotten". She's such a great writer and does a fantastic job exploring the complexities of emotional bondage that we have all faced to some degree.

BEST MAKE-UP DISCOVERY: Bare Minerals - or something like it. I suffer from a very poor complexion 90% of the time. It gets better in the summer, but even then I struggle. What has begun as simple whiteheads at one point has now progressed into a face full of cyst-like issues, with "owies" that never heal unless the offending problem has been completely removed, which can often take over a month. I know, too much information. I'm quite sure it has everything to do with hormones as I (and Michele who suffers the same way) have tried virtually every kind of topical treatment plan. So, the next best thing besides wearing a mask has been the discovery of mineral-based make-up. When we were in Lake Tahoe, I stopped at Merle Norman and got their version of Bare Minerals. They tested some different colors and set me up very well. I love the way the stuff works on may face compared to conventional foundations. Long story short, if you are a foundation user, you should really consider trying a mineral version -

BEST SMOOTH LISTENING CHRISTMAS ALBUM: James Taylor- ahhh, he has such a voice!

BEST MADE-FOR-TV CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF THE YEAR: "Holiday in Handcuffs" - Granted it is a classic ABC FAMILY show that incorporates way too much crude stuff into something that is supposed to be family-friendly (the title of that network is way wrong....)- but I found it very romantic and sweet - and a good representation of many families that co-exist at Christmas time.

BEST BLIZZARD FROM DQ DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON: Yule Flip Peppermint Chip - made with chocolate cone dip instead of conventional chocolate chips.....


BEST ARTICLES OF CLOTHING TO WEAR WHEN YOU'RE HEAVIER THAN YOU ARE ALL YEAR LONG: long, long sleeve t-shirts or turtlenecks and down vests that are really puffy- been living in them lately.

I'm getting goofy now, so I'll stop- I'm sure I'll think of plenty of things later on - any 2007 discoveries you'd like to throw in the mix?

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Anonymous said...

BareMinerals - totally worth the cost.

A battery of medical problems/tests that led to discovering I have rosacea (see, they're "papules" not "zits"! and a Vitamin D deficiency (feeling so much better now I'm treating it!)

Qwest high speed internet. Also worth the cost over dial-up.

DISH vs. cable - love the custom lists for Mom and Kid channels and being able to see what's on over the next few hours (no more channel surfing every 20 mins.)

That's all I can think of for now....Great list, Steph!