Friday, September 01, 2006

If You Love Animals.....

You know how on talk shows they often bring on the "animal experts" with cuddly little baby versions of big scary animals? That is the ONLY reason I would ever want to trade places with those people - the idea of holding a baby wild cub of something - oh, the cozy joy!!! Little did I know that that very "dream come true" could be accomplished in little ol' Bandon, OR vs. Hollywood, CA and without the strings of an agent or studio audience. I'll see if I can't add some captions to bring life to these pics - but, long story short - if you are a lover of wild animals, you need to make the trip (albeit long...) to check this place out.

Perhaps one of my favorite pictures ever - that's me holding a leopard cub!

This is a white bengal tiger - what a thrill to be so close....

I wonder if Uncle Michael has been able to get this close to an elk during his week of hunting!

This is "Sam the Chimpanzee" - we were able to talk to him and to some extent, interact. He made sounds to us, and everytime we gave him a group thumbs-up - he did this -

This is a 12 week old lion cub - she was born in a zoo and will remain in this park to breed

Brayden and the opposum - "Over the Hedge" has made these critters easier to swallow!

Notice the expression on Mikayla's face - terrified - and then there's Aunt Chele - amused. The animals were overwhelming her-

Mikayla and I petting the lion cub

This llama was very interested in Michele's food supply

This is an 11 week old leopard cub, born there at the park

The Schillings with a baby fox - the girls really were excited about the experience

When I worked in Yellowstone we called tourists who used their small children as props with wild animals, "Tourons" - that would be tourist crossed with moron - I'll let you judge for yourself if you think the title fits.....

This is a very special picture as Mom has several snapshots of Michele and I doing the very same thing, carrying around the poor, defenseless pygmie goats the same way he did

These black bears were SO CLOSE - just amazing-

This is the lion cub again, too cute!


HollieHobbie said...

fun, fun, fun!!!!! You guys are really soooo cool.

chele said...

Hollie -
You are really soooo cool too! And thanks so much for backing me up with the Skateworld Red Light / Green Light game.... My self confidence was shot after losing to all of those pros - having friends like you to build me up is priceless.... :)
My honey just showed up at Steph's two days early - completely unexpected - gotta go... :)