Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mikayla on Cloud Nine

First of all, thank you for all of the stories that you shared regarding September 11th. It was good for me to honor the anniversary by recollecting the day.

So, on to lighter things. Yesterday was Mikayla's first day of twice a week 4's Pre-school. I love the little church based pre-school we take her to, it's not stuffy, there isn't any "parent drama" - it's just the perfect environment for my little kiddos. We found out Mikayla would be having a different teacher than we anticipated, and when I met her, I knew there wouldn't be a problem. As it turns out, Mikayla was so enamored by her that she followed her around the first 5 minutes like a puppy dog just to be non-stop in her presence. Mikayla does that with pretty young gals that she thinks are sweet. She goes into what she calls "shy" mode - and just giggles and smiles at them - she did that with the soccer coach too. I could see how it could get really annoying for her teachers/coaches, but at this age, it's proabably still a little endearing. At least I hope so.... At any rate, I'm just glad she's so happy-

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