Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXXVI

I can't tell you how excited I am for this: www.santaclause3.com
Yes, it's the little things in life for me..... but the other 2 movies have brought me GREAT happiness during the holiday season, to see that there is an unexpected third movie, what a delight! And, they are bringing back the entire cast - which makes a big difference to me in sequel movies. As it will be the "off year" - meaning no Thanksgiving with the Schillings =( - we've already made "alternative" plans with Mom and Dad to go to the Festival of Trees and this movie instead on that day. Yeah!

So, on to the questions-

1. Is there a particular book or movie that you can't wait to be released this season?

2. Are there any new shows that you think you'll be watching on tv?


StephieAnne said...

1. Obviously, the movie has already been mentioned. However, I am also interested in the upcoming Ben Stiller family movie, "Night at the Museum" -

Books: FREEFALL - Susan May Warren (Michele and I are going to have to get two copies as neither one of us will let the other read it first), and SAINT - Ted Dekker

2. I will continue to watch "Lost", "Veronica Mars", and hopefully "Grey's Anatomy". I am intrigued by the pilots of "Six Degrees" and "Heroes".

HollieHobbie said...

1. I, too, am looking forward to Santa Claus 3. Cars on DVD. Nothing else that I can think of right now, though.
2. Looking forward to Lost and OC, Glad Desperate Housewives is on, Started Grey's Anatomy, Thinking about Veronica Mars, Am also Intrigued with Six Degrees and Brothers & Sisters, but I didn't see the Season/Series Premieres.

StephieAnne said...

Before Michele points it out, FREEFALL is written by Kristin Heitzman - not Susan May Warren, although she has a book coming out that I'm interested in too.

chele said...

1. My weakness is Christian fiction - especially romantic suspense in this genre. Therefore, I'm looking forward to the books coming out by authors that write in this vein. As Steph mentioned, FREEFALL by Kristen Heitzmann and SANDS OF TIME by Susan May Warren are both set to be released before the holidays. I'm sure that I will lose a good few hours of sleep on each. Also, I love Dee Henderson (despite the fact that her recent works have been a bit disappointing). Barnes and Noble should be delivering her latest this weekend (BEFORE I WAKE)- perfect for the few days I'll have at Steph's while Michael celebrates his last hunting/bonding-with-Traig experience of the season.
I can't think of any movies that I'm dying to see, but Santa Clause 3 should be a good time.

2. I am enjoying Amazing Race, Bones, NCIS, and Standoff. Michael tends to enjoy the more dramatic / crime-solving series and I often get sucked in to them with him. Lost and Veronica Mars should be great as well. I am noticing that I am much more attentive to the series shows that air from 9-10 these days now that the kids have the very constant 9:00 bedtime hour. (I am so enjoying this public school thing... :)

LiteraryGirl said...

1. The Holiday looks very cute. And A Good Year looks good. I'm more focused on all that is out right now that I want to see...
2. Studio 60 is excellent, I'm definitely sticking with it. I tried 6 degrees and might give it one more shot, we'll see how I feel after Grey's this week. Probably just studio 60. But I saw the end of the show Heroes last night and for some reason I thought it looked like and show you and Michele might like, maybe Michele more than you. Kinda sci-fi, mystery thing.

MrsQuigs said...

1. I don't even know what movies are coming out for the Holidays.

2. The final countdown is on for the season premiere of "Lost"! I watched "Jericho" and found it intriguing!

Colie said...

1. Sanat Claus 3 - anything Christmas! I can't wait to start watching my Christmas movies!
2. 24, season 5. I can't wait! It starts in January. Although now that I'm prego I'm expecting many weird dreams to follow each episode! Also, Grey's Anatomy.