Sunday, September 17, 2006

Instant Comforts/A Couple of Questions XXXV

This list was in the back of my Good Housekeeping magazine this month. I took my favorite 25 out of the 33 that they listed. My questions for you are:
Which 5 most provide comfort to you?
Any additional comforts you'd like to add?

1. Changing into your pajamas (sweats) after a long day
2. Hugs
3. Getting your hair washed at a salon
4. Watching your husband read
5. A napping cat or dog
6. The smell of toast when you wake up in the morning
7. A baby's infectious giggle (or a child's for that matter)
8. Your mother's voice
9. Campfires
10. Macaroni and Cheese
11. Checking things off your to-do list
12. Pulling the quilt (down blanket!) all the way up to your nose
13. Falling asleep without needing to set an alarm
14. A freshly cleaned house
15. A fully stocked fridge
16. Flipping through photo albums from your childhood
17. A big scoop of ice cream
18. A supersoft hooded sweatshirt
19. Buying the perfect birthday gift five months early
20. A quiet morning to yourself
21. Coffee percolating (or in this day and age, the sound of an espresso machine!)
22. Sinking into a big comfy sofa
23. Reruns of "Little House and the Prairie"
24. A hot shower after gardening
25. Brownies baking in the oven


StephieAnne said...

1. My favorites - the lack of alarm clock, changing into sweats, brownies in the oven, a freshly cleaned house, hair washed at a salon (love that feeling....) Although, I got to narrow the list down from the original 33, so I pretty much picked my favorite 25.

2. For me, a mug of Russian tea in the morning, a big bowl of Cream of Wheat with brown sugar and raisins, a fire roaring with lots of wood nearby to throw in, scrumptious candles, watching my kids sleep.

MrsQuigs said...

1. flannel sheets
2. falling asleep to the sound of rain
3. mashed potatoes
4. taking off shoes and putting on slippers
5. having my kids cozily sleeping and having the evening to spend with DQ

StephieAnne said...

Lisa - I knew mashed potatoes would make the list! Excellent choices - I echo them all, except maybe not the evening with DQ...... entertaining, yes, instant comfort....hmmmmmm!

Oh, I also forgot, reading a new Gooseberry Patch autumn book - loving that right now!

HollieHobbie said...

Great Comforts! I also have to add: Estee Lauder's Youth Dew- my Mom has always worn it.
And cozying up on a Sunday afternoon to watch Father of the Bride 1 or 2, and Cheaper by the Dozen 1 or 2; they are a great reflection of what I aspire my family to be :Family.
ps: can you add the last eight for me? Now I am intrigued.

StephieAnne said...

Ok, Hollie
1. James Taylor singing "Sweet Baby James"
2. A filled to the brim gas tank
3. The sound of your teenager returning home at night
4. The saying "Everything happens for a reason"
5. Wearing your grandmother's favorite brooch
6. Watching "Cassablanca" or any other movie you've memorized
7. Rereading "Pride and Prejudice" for the 10th time
8. Pedicures and Manicures

(also, the reruns was originally listsed as "The Golden Girls")

chele said...

As I write this, sweet Ellie stands behind me in our chair brushing my hair. OH.... Definitely cozy.... She keeps asking me which princess I want to be....
I needed this tonight after cleaning up Nati's spilled milk that managed to wipe out most of Traig's homework folder and whatever else was within a few feet radius. Just twenty minutes before, we were cleaning up another mess of Traig's in nearly the same location. And last night it was chocolate pudding tracked across the floor....
I know I'm not supposed to cry over spilled milk - but I just about lost it - too much constant mess in too little space.... (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here - so please forgive the mini pity party....)
I finished reading with Traig, tucked the big kids in bed, cleaned up the mess, and came out here for a few minutes to read today's devotional. When Ellie started brushing, the stress started disappearing with each stroke.
Sometimes I need to step back and look at the big perspective. Scratch that.... MANY TIMES I need to step back....
What's cozier than Ellie brushing my hair?
Not much - but a few things are right up there with it....
1. Ditto to all Steph said....
2. Cuddling with my honey with a book I've longed to read - knowing the kids are happy and we have no deadlines or schedules the following day....
3. Walking hand in hand through the OSU campus for our Beaver Game dates
4. Watching the kids play together - especially little people....
5. Scrabble games with my favorite brother :)
6. Praising Jesus next to my family and friends....

HollieHobbie said...

Thanks for sharing all of them, Steph. Yeah, you picked the top 25 originally!
I gotta add to my list: Brown Leather.

chele said...

A little foot note to my last comment:

So much for cozy Ellie brushing my hair. When the hairbrush was replaced with scissors (without my knowledge [some Mom I am]) and a SMALL section of my hair removed before I even knew what she was doing, it ceased to be cozy.
Funny that....

JustMe said...

I guess you didn't realize you were at a spa AND salon, did you?

Too funny (since it wasn't me)!

chele said...

That was funny Heather...
I was actually surprised more than anything and stopped Ellie before she could cut more than a few dozen strands. I saw the hair on the scissors but it's not noticeable in the mirror. Scary how fast she could have really done some damage though...

stephietoo said...

The five on your list would have to be: (1) A Child's infectious giggle (Brayden and Ellie come to mind); (2) A freshly cleaned house; (3) Falling asleep without needing to set an alarm (this rarely happens, so when it does, I am loving it!)(4) Sinking into a big comfy sofa (with a good book); and (5) Changing into my pajamas after a long day.

My additions are:

1. Sitting in the boat, in the pouring down rain at 6:00 p.m. with my very best friends in the entire world! It was cold, Stephie and I were a little cranky, but it was so cozy! *As a side note, Travis is the only one who wakeboarded.*

2. Sitting in Dairy "Clean" (As brayden use to call it) with said friends after said boating trip, eating ice cream and cream of potato soup.

3. Falling asleep in our spare bedroom, in the twin bed, (which is most appropriately called 'Mikayla's room' and waking up in the middle of the night to Travis and Bogey cuddled in there with me.

4. TIVO!!!! Being able to watch House and fast forward through the commercials!!

Love you guys, we had a lot of fun last night!