Sunday, September 24, 2006

Isn't It Romantic?

Boy, are we in trouble. We took three impressionable little girls to a wedding yesterday - and now, uh oh, that's what they think a wedding should be. Horse and carriage leading the bride in, doves released, outdoors, full dinner and bar, lit up tent and dancing. We better start saving up now, or hope to win the lottery.

The wedding was for Nate and Jeni. Nate, aka Nathan, was our best little friend through elementary school. He and his sister, Stacy, would hang out with us practically every weekend as their parents hung with our parents - we have many, many pictures and memories of our adventures with them. We have been able to keep up with Stacy, but not so much with Nate - so it was a joy to watch him live a "fairy tale dream come true" last night.

The best shot I got of the bride's arrival - I'm so glad I brought my sunglasses - instant tears......
As Nate and Jeni walked back down the aisle, married, they played "Celebrate [Good Times]" - that got the girls dancing off the bat-

This is the entire Alexander family!
One of my favorite pictures of them - often Mom does the "refined closed-mouth smile" - we got Dad to "goose" her to get this smile
As you can imagine, John was very sentimental with his little girl throughout the evening....
The two of us, nothing like a wedding to make you cuddly!
Michael and Michele - looking adoringly into each other's eyes!

This is Stacy - the groom's sister, and Ryann - Stacy's daughter and the flower girl...adorable!
The ice sculpture - horse and carriage
The girls were dying to dance, so they played Ring Around the Rosie on the dance floor prior to the bride and groom coming....
Traig was determined not to dance, but finally gave in with his mom


StephieAnne said...

I neglected to add fireworks being set off.... we left before that occurred. What a beautiful evening!

HollieHobbie said...

What?? Fireworks? Who are they Brad and Jennifer? (only, your friends will have a lasting marriage!) Wow, I bet that was a gorgeous evening. I gotta add these ideas to my "Daughters' (and Son) Wedding Planner.