Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This Week's Devotional

Today I met a group of brand new women who will be my Bible Study partners until May. I think they are wonderful and our ages range from 34 to probably 80 something. This devotional has special meaning to me because I will admit, there are times that reputations due influence my attitude of who I'm to spend time with. Which, in turn, makes me wonder what others think about me. I hope throughout this year my search will be for only what is good within this group of women.

What Are You Looking For?
This devotional was written by Kelly McFadden

He who seeks good finds goodwill, but evil comes to him who searches for it.— Proverbs 11:27

As kids there are legendary teachers in grade schools that you hope and pray you don’t get: Teachers known for their huge amounts of handwriting assignments or poetry memorization. These are teachers who make you stay in at lunch if you speak out of turn or who seem to be out to get you for no reason at all!

And these teachers don’t stand a chance! Kids know these teachers by their reputations. Students who are assigned to these teachers are already expecting the worst. No matter how nice the teacher may be, how often the teacher compliments the children or gives them treats, an impression already exists. When kids expect a hard, mean and unfair teacher, they usually find one!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “When you look for the bad in man you shall certainly find it.” The opposite of this is also true. When we look for the good we will find it as well. If you sit down with anyone long enough, you can find something good. Behind a rough exterior may be a man who is scared because he has never known to trust anyone. Behind a gossipy encounter may be a woman who is insecure because she never had a supportive family. Behind a bad first impression, may be a woman who just found out she had cancer. Behind the man who cut you off in traffic, may be a man who’s wife is about to have a baby.

We cannot tell about a person based on what others say about them, or even based on our own first impression. Look beyond their reputation to the reality. When you look for the good in someone you will find it. But, you have to take the time to look.

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HollieHobbie said...

oh so true! I have caught myself having or even giving a preconceived notion of a person because of someone else's or my own opinion. Thanks for sharing, Steph. And those ladies in your bible study are lucky to have you!